Your Branded T-Shirts Provide Major Promotional ROI.

Branded T-Shirts are the King of the Promotional Hill

Branded T-Shirts Provide Major Promotional ROI

Music concerts, outdoor festivals, college campus stores, even professional sporting events. What do these venues all have in common? They all count t-shirts among their top products for promotional purposes. Why? Because people simply go crazy for them. Fans in the stands at any event drop everything when imprinted t-shirts are shot out of a cannon or thrown into the stands.

 The best thing for a sponsor who has their logo or marketing message decorated onto a promotional branded t-shirt is that recipients tend to keep shirts for a long time. A recent reports that 80% of American consumers own at least one promotional t-shirt in their drawers. Further, 63% of consumers keep their imprinted t-shirts for more than a year, and 47% hang onto them for over two years. In other words, every time a sponsor hands out a shirt, they’ve suddenly given out a walking billboard that nearly half the people who receive it will wear in public for at least the next two years.

T-Shirts Offer a Variety of Promotional Uses

With a return-on-investment like that, it’s no wonder that companies in nearly every sector promote themselves with t-shirts. In fact, t-shirts are the most popular promotional product in North America, representing billions of dollars worth of sales. Planning a charity walk or other type of fundraiser? T-shirts provide the perfect canvas to put sponsor logos onto and to give out to all participants. Are you a human resources professional looking to plan a company outing this summer? Branded t-shirts are simply a must-have, not only making the decision easy for employees on what to wear, but also giving them a walking advertisement for your company after the event has ended.

How about a field trip for a school or camp? Yes, branded t-shirts in every color are available. Our advice though: Choose one color so all the kids on the trip are easily identifiable while away from home-base. Even banks, manufacturing companies, government organizations, real estate agencies, and universities (just to name a few!) are major buyers of promotional t-shirts.

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Using Screen Printing to Promote Your Brand

Why Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a decoration method used to add your logo or slogan to an item, turning it into a powerful promotional product. It is one of the most common decoration methods and can be used on much more than just apparel.

Screen printing is ideal for:

  • Both Single-color and vibrant logos
  • Designs with a big imprint area
  • Long lasting results
  • Tight budgets
  • Cotton and cotton-blend apparel items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts

 Screen Printing Enhances Your Logoed Apparel

The most popular garment for screen printing is T-shirts, but it’s also used on sweatshirts, hoodies, uniforms and safety wear.

One promotional idea: Schools can sell screen-printed tees and hoodies as spectators arrive at sporting events, so they can cheer on the home team. The vibrant look of these items bring a lot of attention, and their durability means alumni can still rock it when they come back game after game.

For nonprofits, ask volunteers to purchase a shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt, and always keep them on hand at all events. Your supporters will often see an employee or volunteer sporting this apparel and want one. Make sure you also advertise them on your website so you can attract the attention of online donors. If you have a large donor, consider sending them a T-shirt as a thank-you to give your logo some legs.

When outfitting your staff in uniforms or safety apparel, screen printing is the logical choice for your logo. Cotton or cotton-blend helps the fabric breathe, perfect for your active employees. The logo will also remain vibrant over time, even after many washes.

Screen Printing as a Decoration Method on Other Promotional Products

Other items that are popular to screen-print include tote bags, bandanas and can koozies®. For totes, consider handing them out when you exhibit at your next trade show or to new employees at your company. They can also be great swag at a company picnic or family reunion. You can screen print both sides of the bag, so including your logo on one side and a funny slogan on the other turns the tote into a conversation piece and increases the appeal for recipients to use it long-term.

If you’re a beverage company or restaurant, consider handing out screen-printed can koozies® to all patrons, because they can use them immediately. Can koozies® are also great for outdoor food and drink festivals, beach resorts and anniversary parties.

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