Promotional Bags Receive Tremendous Advertising ROI

Promotional Bags are Fashionable and Functional

With designs taken in equal parts from the haute couture catwalk and the street style sidewalk, 73% of US consumers have at least one logoed bag, to the tune of nearly $2 billion in sales annually. Often thought of as an extension of one’s personal fashion sense, bags are ubiquitous with all consumers – whether it’s the trend-driven fashionista who craves the latest Gucci, Fendi and Versace “it” bag or the Gen Y entrepreneur who covets his Herschel backpack with its clean, minimalist lines. And the good news for promo bags is that they’ve caught up quick to retail styles, both in shape and substance, with many promo manufacturers carrying high-end brands or creating their own items to mimic fashion lines at a fraction of the cost.

Logoed Bags Receive Tremendous Advertising ROI

Consider that promotional bags, which studies show are kept for nearly a year, garner nearly 3,500 visual impressions of the message imprinted on the bag – you can’t get a better bang for your advertising buck today. And pulling in an even marketing ROI, 61% of people are likely to pass their branded bags on to a friend or family member after 12 months. For more proof regarding the power of imprinted bags, look to recent statistics that show 50% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the bag, and 84% of Baby Boomers report owning a promo bag.

Knowing this, clients such as retirement communities, doctors’ offices, tradeshows, college fairs, book stores, supermarkets – due to the decrease in use of plastic bags – hospitals, conferences and HR departments all gravitate to purchasing bags with their logos embroidered or screen printed on them. With a variety of styles offered here through your local Fully Promoted – backpacks (think tech-forward options with solar-charging capabilities for phones and tablets and earbud pockets), laptop cases, leather briefcases, canvas totes – colors, and imprinting methods, promo bags are one of the most appreciated giveaways across all demographics, making it the perfect choice for nearly any promo campaign.

Build Your Brand with Embroidered Duffel Bags

Branded duffel bags are popular items that people love to use. Many have that favorite bag that they bring to the beach, gym or on overnight trips. Did you know that around 8 out of 10 people remember who gave them their promo product? Think about embroidering your company logo on a perfect duffel bag. Since they last so long, your brand can have continued advertising for years to come. The experts at Fully Promoted will help you choose the perfect bag to best represent your brand.

Basic Duffel Bags

Looking for a quick, inexpensive giveaway for your business or to hand out at trade shows? There are many color combinations and styles available to meet any budget. Smaller bags are perfect for the gym or the pool. These smaller duffels work great for kids too. They can bring their bag to their friend’s house when they sleep over, have a play date or are transporting their portable electronic devices. Fully Promoted can print or embroider your company logo and tagline on any type of duffel bag, so your fans can continually advertise wherever they (or their kids) go.

Leave a Lasting Impression

No matter what size, shape or material, Fully Promoted can help you decide on the best duffel bag for your needs. If you need basic bags with an imprinted logo or top-of-the-line name-brand duffel bags with an embroidered logo, we have you covered. Ask the experts here at your local Fully Promoted to help you find the ideal duffel bag for your marketing efforts.

Custom Computer Bags from Fully Promoted

According to a recent survey, consumers are 50% more likely to do business with an advertiser that gave them a promotional bag. Does that sound like a marketing no brainer? Then Fully Promoted has you covered. Custom computer bags come in a variety of sizes and fabrics, including canvas, leather and vinyl. They can also be embroidered or printed with a logo or message, to increase brand awareness with each impression they receive. Laptop cases are perfect for the smaller devices of today, to help carry tablets, phones, laptops and the variety of peripherals your clients use daily. These custom bags are available with hand and shoulder straps, a variety of expandable pockets, durable fabrics and multiple colors.

Fully Promoted Can Customize Messenger Bags

A popular trend right now in the promotional world is to imprint your logo on leather or canvas messenger bags. Messenger bags have a large flap over the top and secure near the bottom side of the bag. Once popular with bike messengers in the big cities, the style has now caught on with many commuters. There are plenty of custom branding options for a printed or embroidered logo. This simple promotional item can be seen by many of people every day and help draw attention to a brand.

Branded Backpacks with Your Logo

Promotional bags are kept for an average of 11 months, so custom computer backpacks are sure to raise the brand recognition of any company or organization. Backpacks come in a range of textures, fabrics and sizes to match a brands appeal and needs. Fully Promoted can suggest the perfect backpack that fits the style of your brand, add a company logo and have the backpack do the promoting for you. And with US residents logging a total of nearly 2 billion trips a year, the value of a branded bag is undeniable.

Contact the experts here at your local Fully Promoted to discover the best marketing and branding solutions to make your company or organization stand out from the crowd.

Custom Drawstring Bags from Your Local Fully Promoted

Custom drawstring bags make fantastic giveaways at trade shows, schools or corporate events, and even community gatherings. Place your logo on a drawstring bag to give potential customers a functional promotional item that they will use instantly and bring with them to other events in the future.

One of the most impactful qualities of custom drawstring bags as a promotional item is that they are almost always on display. A brand’s message will show clearly hanging over the shoulder of a customer, while other competitors’ items may be hidden, tucked away in the very bag provided. Drawstring bags that are customized with a company’s name or message on them, can provide a unique advantage in trade show and event marketing.

Drawstring Bags Are Visible All Over

When customers leave the trade show or event, the branded drawstring bag from Fully Promoted travels with them. Customers often use these as convenient carry-ons for their flights home, vacations with families, and quick trips out and about. Each day that the bag travels increases your brand awareness over and over again.

Exposing brand names and logos to potential customers at multiple touchpoints makes people more aware of those companies. As a result, these companies will be top of mind the next time they begin to think about a purchase. Something as simple as a promotional drawstring bag impacts buying decisions and helps to gain a competitive advantage over everyone else.

Longevity Means Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Customers are likely to keep a drawstring bag for years, reusing it frequently. This extends the lifetime of the promotional item and boosts the return on the up-front costs. Custom drawstring bags from Fully Promoted are durable and produced from the highest quality materials, using printing processes that prevent the logo and message from fading or wearing out after multiple uses.

Talk to a specialist here at your local Fully Promoted about the many design options and to find the right promotional bag for your business. Custom drawstring bags with your company logo and messaging for giveaways are promotional products that your customers will truly appreciate.

Custom Gift Bags – The Perfect Added Touch

Custom gift bags are perfect for giveaways and are an innovative way to help your company stand out from your competitors. Use gift bags to increase awareness of your brand and enhance your company’s image in the community. Start with a personalized, creatively decorated bag with your company logo then add some additional promotional items with your logo, such as pens, candy tins, thumb drives, or even a stress ball. Your customers will appreciate the usefulness of your giveaway and your custom gift bag will stay with them long after the event is over. With some preparation and thought, promotional gift bags add a perfect, personalized touch to company functions or customer meetings.

Attract New Clients at Your Next Trade Show

Want to attract new clients? Of course, you do. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is having a “wow” factor at your booth. Stop foot traffic with hundreds of colorful gift bags, decorated beautifully on your table, at the next trade show. Curiosity may have caused them to pause, but your presentation and the added value your company displays will make them want to continue the communication.  Custom gift bags make powerful conversation starters and lead to prolonged customer engagement. You can also stock your gift bags with imprinted everyday office items like coffee mugs, highlighters, pens, or even an embroidered golf towel. Contact the experts at Fully Promoted to see suggestions of the most popular items and find out which one best tells the story of your organization.

Bring Your Gift Bags to Weekend Events

If you can’t count on your family, whom can you count on? Neighbors, associates, church members, even your fellow weekend kids’ sports parents are part of your life. Next time there is a neighborhood event, place some of your company gift bags out where people will be sure to grab one. Have your fellow attendees take a couple of custom gift bags and give them to friends who may be looking for a new vendor at work or even a service company for jobs around their house. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to win clients. Sales do not stop on the weekends, so keep pushing your branded company items and watch your investment result in more customers.

No More Brown Bags

Nowadays, it’s hard to find anyone that “brown bags” their lunch anymore. In the many industrial complexes, skyscrapers and corporate annexes, there are many employees bringing their lunch to work. There is a great selection of colorful lunch bags available in many sizes and shapes, that can be printed or embroidered with your logo and tagline. By handing out lunch bags to your customers and employees, they can show off your brand in and around many workplaces.

Being Seen in Corporate Centers

A lot of large corporations have sprawling campuses over several miles and city blocks, and many have several floors in large high-rise buildings. Think about how many employees travel in and out of these areas during the week and many weekends. Of course, nobody wants to eat out and spend a lot of money every day, so the majority sport lunch bags or recycled grocery bags to bring in water, fruit, snacks and leftovers. By distributing lunch bags to your clients and employees in these business meccas, you may be able to generate brand awareness and possibly some sales leads. Be innovative and have your brand on display wherever the bag is shown.

Shoulder or Satchel?

Just as people choose a satchel over a shoulder handbag or purse, lunch bags vary in their styles too. It may be convenient for kids to carry a lunch bag by the handle, but many commuters need long straps to lug them over their shoulder or clip them to their backpacks. Others may need just a simple, thin bag that slips easily into a tote. All of these styles can be printed or embroidered with your company logo.

Promote Your Brand with Promotional Bags & Totes

When trying to promote a brand with promotional products, it is important to select quality products that will represent the business well and bring the business to mind. Selecting promotional products for a business can be exciting when there are a lot of great options. Consider custom bags and totes from your local Fully Promoted; these come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and price points. Bags and totes with the brand’s logo and colors are great promotional items and can be used as employee incentives, shared with valued customers, raffle prizes at tradeshows and conventions, and so much more. Consider some of the many bag and tote options carried by your local Fully Promoted below.

  • Travel Bags and Backpacks– Thank outstanding employees with a travel bag or custom backpack embroidered with the company logo. 
  • Duffel Bags – With the brand’s logo, colors, or tagline, these are highly sought after and will be used for years.
  • Drawstring Bags – Customize with the brand’s logo and place promotional flyers, customized pens, and notepads inside and hand these out at the next convention.
  • Lunch Bags – These come in several sizes and styles and will be a hit with every recipient who will be showing off the company name with every use.
  • Tote Bags – Everyone has use for a well-made tote bag and it will advertise the brand everywhere the user goes.
  • Computer Bags – Incredibly practical, a computer bag with the company’s name or logo on it shows the brand knows quality.


Customize Travel Bags to Make Promotional Giveaways More Fun

Customized Travel Bags that Make an Impact on Employees and Clients at Corporate Events

At corporate functions, employees or clients love getting swag bags. It is not only appreciated but a Travel bag brands a reoccurring event. Travel bags are perfect items for trade shows and corporate giveaways. When employees or clients travel for business, your brand travels the world with them. Amazingly, promotional bags average around 3,300 impressions in their lifetime.

Giveaways that Matter - Customized Bags for Causes that Count

Travel bags are also ideal for charity event giveaways. Companies can capture a large audience with their brand while letting them know that they support the same cause as their clients. Travel bags come in a variety of sizes and styles which makes them convenient for this type of giveaway. Drawstring bags are most popular for charity events, but larger travel bags make great prize giveaways for winners of raffles, contests, auctions, and more.

Customized Travel Bags Make Your Brand Unique at Tradeshows

Tradeshow giveaways usually include several vendors giving away the same old promotional items. Fully Promoted will help make sure that your brand is promoted the right way. Smaller travel bags customized with your company logo often work well to stand out from the crowd at tradeshows. Our tote style travel bag is perfect for this type of giveaway. It’s unexpected and a little more than what other vendors offer, but that’s what will make your brand unique.

Team Sports Travel Bags Help Sponsor Branding

Local teams are always looking for businesses to sponsor them and it can be a perfect partnership of both community support and business branding. Many kids on travel teams need backpacks and duffle bags to keep all their sports equipment and clothes. Branded bags are a big opportunity for brands to make their team and their company stand out.